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5 Best Parrot Foraging Toys

Posted by Planet Pleasures on Jul 29th 2019

5 Best Parrot Foraging Toys

Image By GuideYourPet

Foraging is an incredibly important avian activity that is native to birds. In the wild, parrots spend a lot of their day foraging for food. When in a home environment, this instinctual activity is sometimes negated which leads to boredom and worse, behavioral issues.

Luckily, Planet Pleasures has tons of all-natural and fun foraging parrot toys. 

USEFUL FORAGING TOY TIP: Stuff your bird's favorite treats or millet inside the creases of these foraging toys. 

Here's a list of some of our best parrot foraging toys: 

1. Pineapple Foraging Toy

2. Foraging Cylinder 

3. Bird Tire w/ Star

4. Basket Foraging Toy

5. Star Foraging Box

Avian Enrichment has a great article on why the act of foraging is crucial for birds. Read it here: WHY FORAGING IS IMPORTANT