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Foraging Cylinder

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size: 2.50 W × 2.50 H × 12.00 L
Weight: 0.15 Ounces
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The colorful and fun Foraging Cylinder will provide your feathered friend hours and hours of foraging fun! The Foraging Cylinder is another Planet Pleasures' favorite, made from all-natural materials. End birdy boredom and order your Foraging Cylinder today! 

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 2.5 x 2.5 x 12

Large - 3 x 3 x 16


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My birds love it!
Written by Phelan on Jul 8th 2019

This is an awesome toy. My budgies, cockatiels, conures, and galahs tear it apart. The budgies even chew on the large size, so I'll probably opt for the large toys from now on, since they last longer. :P

Written by Jill Mertinke on Dec 7th 2017

I just wanted to say that I think your products are great and yo have them priced wonderfully. I bought several items from you and couldn't be happier with their size, appearance, and fun for my birds.

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