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Pineapple Foraging Toy

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size: 5.00 W × 2.00 H × 2.00 L
Weight: 0.10 Ounces
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The colorful and all natural Pineapple is a fun and engaging shredding toy. Hide little treats in the many spaces between the nips to entice your bird to forage and keep entertained for hours on end.

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 5 x 2 x 2 

Medium - 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 

Large - 9 x 3 x 3

Extra Large - 11 x 4 x 4



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Pineapple toy.
Written by Joseph Mehler on Aug 29th 2022

This is without a doubt my Amazon's favorite toy. The last one was finally trashed when the new one arrived. She gave me a dirty look when I took the old one off of her Java tree, but all was forgiven when I hung the new one. She attacked it immediately.

Written by Andrea on Jul 20th 2022

I have 3 birds with 3 different beak sizes (macaw, galah and GC conure). As soon as I put this toy on their cages my house becomes quiet! They don't leave it alone until they have destroyed it and taken all the treats I leave inside. I've been buying these for three years. They never fail.

pineapple toy
Written by Virginia Kirkland on May 27th 2022

My African Grey loves these and has a great time ripping it apart

Great toys!
Written by Sydney on Mar 17th 2022

The toys have been great and hold up very well. I’m super pleased with it. The prices are very good too for most of them! Very happy and will definitely be a returning customer!

Quaker Loves Her Pineapple
Written by LaRou on Jan 4th 2022

So my Quaker has destroyed the medium one in about two weeks. She has absolutely loved shredding this. I stuffed some goodies in the little flaps. But even after they were gone she still loved it.

Loved it!
Written by Jme on Dec 20th 2021

My bird loved this!

The best foraging toy ever
Written by Lori S. on Nov 5th 2021

The best foraging toy ever - literally! This is going to be the number one toy for my con year now! I hide all sorts of little goodies in it and she kept busy all day long.. And bonus - she’s not completely destroying it (yet) so it’s lasting quite a while! Highly recommended!

Pineapple Foraging Toy
Written by Camille on Sep 10th 2021

My green quaker parrot, Pickles, absolutely LOVES this toy. He has only had it for two days and has destroyed a little section of the toy. Definitely recommend!

Birds gotta shred
Written by Lisa B on Jul 28th 2021

My Meyers loves to destroy these. They last her a few weeks and I think the prices are reasonable when you buy direct from Planet Pleasures.

Fun foraging toy for cockatiels
Written by Shawna O. on Jul 20th 2021

I have 2 cockatiels so I got the large, feel like I could have gotten the extra large but they love this toy, they can climb on it, I can hide stuff in it and it keeps them busy for awhile!

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