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Woven Ball Foot Toy

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size: 4.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L
Weight: 0.05 Ounces
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Many pet parrots love to hold a toy in their feet to chew on.  Foot Toys fill that need well.  And your small to medium sized parrot will enjoy destroying this colorful toy ball made from woven strips of palm leaf.  Let the fun begin!

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 4 x 3 x 3

Medium - 4 x 4 x 4


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Written by Alyssa on Oct 8th 2022

i recently bought this toy and my birds love it! If your bird likes foraging, definitely buy this toy.

The best
Written by Irma Ocampo on Jun 3rd 2022

My red rump parakeet loves this toy I constantly have to purchase 10 at a time just to make sure I have this for him.

The best
Written by Irma Ocampo on Apr 11th 2022

This toy is the best I constantly order this item, due to the fact that my redrump parakeet gets mad if you try to remove it from him or the cage. LOL

The best
Written by Irma Ocampo on Aug 5th 2021

My Jazper who is a redrump parrakeet loves this toy. I buy 8 to 10 a month this for him is the best toy. He gets mad at me every time I have to replace it.

The best
Written by Irma Ocampo on Jun 24th 2021

My redback parakeet loves this foot toy. This keeps him entertained and his favorite toy. I have already purchased about 8 of these.

Bought for cockatiel
Written by Krystal on Dec 7th 2020

It’s bigger then i thought it would be. I’m not really good with measurements and eyeballing what size might actually be. I think he will be ok with it once he get used to the new stuff. It’s light so he should be able to at least pick up with his beak and toss it or shred it

Exercise time!!!
Written by Jocelyn on Oct 20th 2020

My sun conure likes to follow this ball, that's the way he exercises!!!

A little big for my cockatiel but he loves it
Written by Victoria D. on Sep 21st 2020

I got my cockatiel the small one and it's a little big for him but that doesn't stop him from playing with it he loves throwing it around on the table.

great foot toy
Written by Sarah Wenger Manny on Sep 16th 2020

great toy to play with when my birds are out of their cage

Written by Bre on Apr 29th 2020

my conure loves these

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