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Diamond Woven Foot Toy

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size: 4.00 W × 4.00 H × 2.00 L
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Many pet parrots love to hold a toy in their feet to chew on. Foot Toys fill that need well. And your small to medium sized parrot will enjoy destroying this colorful toy diamond made from woven strips of palm leaf.  Let the fun begin. When ordering the small, you get 3 foot toys (3 pack). When ordering the large, you get 1 large foot toy, not 3. 

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Woven foot toy
Written by PF on Sep 27th 2021

My birds love the foot toys. Easy to cary with the beak, easy to shred. I purchase these for my lovebird, green cheek conure and jenday conure. Would highly recommend. Beware, though, you'll have to purchase a bunch of these as they disappear quickly under busy beaks.

Great Toy!
Written by Natalie Norrena on Dec 12th 2020

Perfect size foot toy for my black capped conure! She loves not only chewing on it but will push it around with her head -which is new.

Birds love this
Written by Saschadiamond on Nov 11th 2020

My four birds (jenday conure, green-cheecked conure, lovebird, parakeet) love to shred these diamond woven foot toys. They prefer these to the cylinder foot toys.

Perfect size for mice and rats!
Written by Jessica on Sep 28th 2019

I bought these for my mice and rats, as chew toys. They tucked right in to them, yet they lasted for a long time. The ones in with the mice are still going. Great natural addition to their cages!

Perfect for Parrotlets
Written by @Poofymodeparrots on Oct 1st 2017

My pacific parrotlet Zeus loves this toy — particularly the two colorful ones. It’s the perfect size for him t pick up with his beak and shred. I love that it comes with more than one because my conure loves to shred and throw these, too.

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