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Why is the Planet Pleasures Boing so popular?

Posted by Planet Pleasures on Aug 5th 2019

Why is the Planet Pleasures Boing so popular?

Here are some testimonials for the Planet Pleasures 5 star rated "Boing" bird perch:

"I am so happy with this “Boing” perch. It is the perfect size for a cockatiel (medium) and I love that it’s safe for them to chew. Would 100% recommend to anyone." - Emma 

"This [Boing] is great for my budgies when either hung inside a large cage or outside. As of now, it's hung nearby the window and my birds love sitting on it. Very pleased with the natural material used and it's ability to bend and stay in shape!" - M.K 

"I have purchased Boings for my budgies and lovebird. I got the medium sized Boing for my budgies tall cages and a small Boing for my lovebirds cage (which is not as tall). All have enjoyed their Boings!" - Elizabeth