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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 0.20 L
Weight: 5.00 Ounces
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Heavy abaca rope is tightly wrapped on wire to create a "Boing" that is a notch above the rest. Our parrot perch contains abaca fibers which are naturally moisture resistant and durable. This "Boing" will stand up to even more destructive birds. Great for cockatiels, parakeets, conures, budgies and more! Please see sizes below:

02064 Boing Small, 1/2" dia., 48" long

02065 Boing Med, 3/4" dia., 72" long

02066 Boing Large, 1" dia., 86" long

02067 Boing XL, 1 3/8" dia., 96" long



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Another Winner
Written by David Gray on Jul 28th 2021

A First For my Military. She loves challenges. I hung it horizontal. Tied on toys. Very useful.

Birds Love It
Written by Libby Brittain on Mar 27th 2021

I am so impressed with the quality of this boing. It really holds its shape and is very soft to the touch. I attatched mine to the front of my birds' cage abnd then had it wrap around one of the cage stand's legs to make a luttle spiral stair case for my birds to be able to climb back up into their cage from the floor whenever they wanted to. My more timid bird still isnt so sure about it but my other little one LOVES it! She always looks so please with herself as she climbs up it as if she were asscending the grand stair case to her castle... okay, maybe I'm projecting a bit, but little Eggsley really does adore thee boing. I am definitley going to be purchasing more in the future!

Written by Ria on Mar 16th 2021

Birds took to this right away! I was so happy this was in stock!

Written by Joanna on Feb 8th 2021

This is by far the best Boing! Super sturdy, safe and bird friendly!

The Best!
Written by Jessica on Feb 5th 2021

I purchased the 0.5 in for my green cheek conure, Lilo, and she absolutely loves it! It's very sturdy, but just flexible enough that you can create a rope-perch from it (which is what I did!). Rather than having it hang, I secured it horizontally to create a zig/zag perch, and she has been having so much fun walking and playing on it! Highly recommend, especially if you're looking to replace one of those colorful cloth rope perches.

Out conure loves it
Written by Alice on Dec 8th 2020

We love the quality, we get most of the toys for our beloved conure from Planet Pleasures. My kids did unboxing video and have a video about the cage setup https://youtu.be/jfoDhn-_0SY

Better than cotton boings
Written by Ken on Nov 14th 2020

Love the boing toys, but never really loved that they were made with cotton ropes. This boing is perfect, as it is made with natural plant fibers. Construction looks great and seems safe for all birds. The only concern I have is that the metal wire shows on some of the turns and there is glue showing in some of the joints. I am trusting that the materials used is completely safe as my birds are enjoying climbing and chewing.

love it
Written by Sarah Wenger Manny on Nov 9th 2020

Need to get more! Birds love it.

Written by Dr NADINE on Oct 26th 2020

We LOVE our Boings. I purchased 3 of these for Kianga. One is on her play gym. One is inside her cage and one is woven on top of her cage to give her plenty of climbing choices. She as no feathers so needs ways to get around. It took her all of 30 seconds to climb onto her boings. She is having a blast. So thank you. The quality is AMAZING. And very sturdy.

Totally worth it
Written by anasay sieiro on Sep 25th 2020

This product I can hang anywhere! I love it, is sturdy and comfortable to move around.

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