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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 0.20 L
Weight: 5.00 Ounces
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Heavy abaca rope is tightly wrapped on wire to create a "Boing" that is a notch above the rest. Our parrot perch contains abaca fibers which are naturally moisture resistant and durable. This "Boing" will stand up to even more destructive birds. Great for cockatiels, parakeets, conures, budgies and more! Please see sizes below:

02064 Boing Small, 1/2" dia., 48" long

02065 Boing Med, 3/4" dia., 72" long

02066 Boing Large, 1" dia., 86" long

02067 Boing XL, 1 3/8" dia., 96" long



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Last long
Written by Karen on May 4th 2022

Doesn’t seem like an extra large I had gotten in the past. Thinner . Otherwise they are the best out there.

Review of boing
Written by Haley Welsch on Apr 8th 2022

My bird is afraid of anything new, but will love it once it warms up to the boing. Thank you for it, it’s adorable

Use as Long Perch
Written by Mackenzie on Feb 27th 2022

Used a medium size boing to go across the length of a 5 foot long flight cage, just about the right length. Would recommend the M (3/4" diameter) for small birds like lovebirds, parakeets, etc. It seems like the next size down would be pretty thin- this is not quite as thick as the more prevalent cotton boings you see in stores also advertised as 3/4" diameter. There aren't many options out there for natural/safe material rope perches, especially with internal wire so you can bend them how you like, and the price was reasonable as well.

Best going ever!
Written by Deborah on Feb 25th 2022

I love that these are made from natural fibers. I'm at ease knowing my birds are safe. Top notch quality in all aspects!

very nice, but
Written by Anni on Feb 17th 2022

very nice and the birds love it, but please make sure you don't wash this too hot or else the glue will emerge!

We Love our Boings
Written by Dr NADINE on Jan 13th 2022

I have had Kianga for 2 years now. She continues to thrive as she builds confidence. Our newest addition is bringing boings and allowing them to be Boingeeeee. Meaning they move. Her other ones are used as pathways in and around her cage. She is thriving

Written by Paytyn Williams on Dec 27th 2021

I have been looking for an alternative to rope perches and then I found this! So much better for your birds than thread. I definitely recommend this ;)

Another Winner
Written by David Gray on Jul 28th 2021

A First For my Military. She loves challenges. I hung it horizontal. Tied on toys. Very useful.

Birds Love It
Written by Libby Brittain on Mar 27th 2021

I am so impressed with the quality of this boing. It really holds its shape and is very soft to the touch. I attatched mine to the front of my birds' cage abnd then had it wrap around one of the cage stand's legs to make a luttle spiral stair case for my birds to be able to climb back up into their cage from the floor whenever they wanted to. My more timid bird still isnt so sure about it but my other little one LOVES it! She always looks so please with herself as she climbs up it as if she were asscending the grand stair case to her castle... okay, maybe I'm projecting a bit, but little Eggsley really does adore thee boing. I am definitley going to be purchasing more in the future!

Written by Ria on Mar 16th 2021

Birds took to this right away! I was so happy this was in stock!

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