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Best Shredding Bird Toys - Planet Pleasures

Posted by Planet Pleasures on Aug 9th 2019

Best Shredding Bird Toys - Planet Pleasures

When birds experience boredom, this can lead to feather plucking and behavioral issues. Our bird shredding toys will help keep your parrot busy and active.

Many bird owners turn to our Shredders Natural and Shredders Rainbow to help stop their bird from plucking their feathers. You can simply cut a small strip and weave it through the bars of the bird cage. This toy is very versatile and the creative possibilities are endless.

Planet Pleasures Shredders Natural Bird Toy

Another great option for birds who love to shred is our vibrant Rose Bouquet. Your parrot will love chewing and shredding the individual roses. Our Instagram page has a lot of birds playing with our Rose Bouquet

Planet Pleasures Rose Bouquet Shreddable Bird Toy

All of our shreddable bird toys are made from 100% all-natural and eco-friendly materials so you can rest assured that your bird is getting a safe and high quality toy with no chemicals, toxins or other harmful materials. 

We are confident that your bird will love spending hours and hours chewing and shredding our toys as they stimulate your parrot's innate curiosity. 

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