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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 1.00 L
Weight: 0.22 Ounces
Shredders Natural *

The Shredders Natural made from palm leaf is the perfect shredder for any bird. Simply tie a strip on your pet bird's cage and watch the fun unravel! Macaws love the the Zig-Zag weave and conures have been known to love the Straight weave. 

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Written by Eileen West on Jan 18th 2021

I have had cockatiels for several years, and they all like the shredders. I get all my pet food from Chewy, but they don't offer shredders (I wish they did.) Anyway, Thanks for the good products.

Love it
Written by Hannah on Nov 17th 2020

My sun conure seems interested. Something good to play with together too. we both just tear it up together.

Written by Richard on Oct 14th 2020

My female lovebird loves her shredders. She will chew on them for hours while making "happy sounds" and then tuck them away in her feathers to enjoy them again later. She recognizes the word shredders and will go to them when she wants one.

Written by Sue on May 11th 2020

Joey, my Jardine's parrot, loves these. He is 22, and has a great time chewing them up. So glad that you carry them. Delivery was quick.

Written by Deb on May 4th 2020

My conure loves trying to pull these apart. You get a lot in the package. Very sturdy

Written by Margaret Butters on Dec 8th 2019

Cockatoos love to shred and this is perfect.

Written by Alyson on Nov 23rd 2019

My lovebird lives for these!

Birds love them!
Written by S on Mar 27th 2019

Great economical way to give your birds some tearing time, especially for our Cockatoo who can destroy a $10 toy in an afternoon...

Inexpensive fun
Written by Elizabeth on Dec 14th 2018

My birds, especially my cockatiel, really love shredders! I snip off a small piece and weave it through the cage bars. My cockatiel shreds it throughout the day and has a great time! This is a great purchase if you're looking for an inexpensive way to keep your bird occupied. My cockatiels, budgies, and lovebird enjoy it.

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