Shredders Natural

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size: 6.00 W × 6.00 H × 1.00 L
Weight: 0.22 Ounces
Shredders Natural *

The Shredders Natural made from palm leaf is the perfect shredder for any bird. Simply tie a strip on your pet bird's cage and watch the fun unravel! Macaws love the the Zig-Zag weave and conures have been known to love the Straight weave. 

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Written by Saide on Jul 21st 2022

My female cockatiel is usually very picky with toys especially the kind they can chew but she loves this stuff, my Indian ring neck not so much but the cockatiels enjoy it

AMAZING as always
Written by Regan Cooper on Mar 18th 2022

Love planet pleasures, and they have not disappointed. I love this toy because it’s different, it’s a different type of enrichment as I thread it through the cage bars. The birds love it!

Great for many uses
Written by jenifer d on Nov 2nd 2021

Our little conures shreds this like no one's business, from hanging on portions of the play area to making actual toys out of it, it's a pure delight for him!

great toy!
Written by Sara Fernandez on Oct 22nd 2021

great for weaving through cage bars to provide extra stimulation for birds, mine love it!

Shredders Natural
Written by Hannah on Sep 5th 2021

My budgie really enjoyed the straight type, so I decided to try the zig zag variety. It turns out he likes it even better! He loves to run the length of the ribbon and will cheerfully rip it up whenever I add it to his cage. He love this and it is durable enough that it takes him a while to get through a strip. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Shredders Natural
Written by Hannah on Jul 19th 2021

My budgie really likes chewing on this! I think it was meant for birds that are a little larger than him, so he is going though it rather slowly, but he loves to chew and is determined about it. I bought him the smooth type-can't wait to try the other kind!

Love it!
Written by Hilliary on Jul 14th 2021

I was skeptical about buying this at first but my green cheek loves the straight one. I give him a small strip and he goes nuts, flipping on his back, playing with it. It seems pretty sturdy too.

My cockatiel loves this!
Written by Jean on Apr 28th 2021

I got the straight one for my cockatiel and she LOVES it, absolutely excited whenever I cut off a small strip for her to keep her occupied for a while.

Written by Eileen West on Jan 18th 2021

I have had cockatiels for several years, and they all like the shredders. I get all my pet food from Chewy, but they don't offer shredders (I wish they did.) Anyway, Thanks for the good products.

Love it
Written by Hannah on Nov 17th 2020

My sun conure seems interested. Something good to play with together too. we both just tear it up together.

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