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Why Choose Planet Pleasures Bird Toys?

Posted by Planet Pleasures on Jun 10th 2020

Since 1997, Planet Pleasures has been a pioneer in the manufacturing and selling of all-natural bird toys.

Our eco-friendly and all-natural bird toys will entice and spark your bird’s natural curiosity. Birds, by nature, are very curious creatures. In a home environment, birds can sometimes become very bored and start developing behavioral issues. By chewing, foraging, shredding and engaging with our large selection of bird safe toys, their boredom evaporates and so can their behavioral issues. Our parrot toys ensure that their beaks will be healthy and active. Who wouldn’t want their bird to stay active, have fun and stay healthy?

Cockatoo Playing with Pineapple Foraging Toy

Foraging is an essential avian activity performed by birds in nature on a daily basis. Planet Pleasures offer a large selection of fun foraging toys which will keep your bird busy for hours and days on end. We recommend, if your bird is a fan of millet or other such treats, to place said treats in the creases of our toys so they can perform their foraging activities. Over on our Instagram page, you can see the countless ways our bird toy loving customers creatively sneak treats in our toys. We’d love for you to come say hi and join our Instagram community of over 12,000+ lovely bird owners.

Conure perches on Planet Pleasures T=Perch

Planet Pleasures Parrot Toys are bird safe and 100% non-toxic. We care about your bird’s well being and as bird owners ourselves, we know how important the health of your feathered friend is to you. That’s why we only make and sell 100% eco-friendly and all-natural parrot toys. We never use cotton, heavy metals, plastic or other harmful materials. Why go for conventional plastic toys that might endanger your bird’s playtime safety when you can be rest assured in Planet Pleasures 100% all-natural parrot toys.

Keep their feet healthy and active. Our all-natural abaca rope perches are made with only natural materials and are cotton free. Our bird perches allow your feathered friend to stay active and receive exercise on a daily basis. Another added benefit of our abaca perches is that they are very durable and long lasting. They’re bendable too which increases their versatility and allows you to either place them in or outside of cages. They will even stand up to the most destructive birds.

Basket Foraging Toy

Planet Pleasures is unrivaled when it comes to variety. Planet Pleasures offers a large selection of Shredding, Foraging, Chew, and Foot toys as well as Perches and Swings. Most of our bird toys come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Bird Toys Buyer’s Guide:

Conures, budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, and parrotlets lean towards our small to medium sized pinatas, foot toys and shredders. They also love our perches and swings. We’ve seen some small to medium sized birds go after our coconut toys like crazy but for first time buyers, we’d recommend sticking to our smaller to medium sized toys.

Larger birds, macaws, african greys, Amazon parrots, and cockatoos love our pinatas as well but we’d recommend going for the medium to extra large sized toys. More destructive birds will find plenty of enjoyment from our Kokokrunchers (Coconut bird toys) as well as our coffee wood toys (Crunchy Munchy, Mahogany Ant and Coco Mania).

Conure with his Planet Pleasures Foot Toy

We hope this helps steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best toy for your bird. Please stay tuned as we will have a more indepth bird toy buyer’s guide soon.

Stay safe and have wonderful rest of your day. Your friends at Planet Pleasures bird toys appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read our post.

Warmest regards,

Planet Pleasures Team.