Tire Foot Toy 3-pack

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size: 3.00 W × 3.00 H × 1.50 L
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Many pet parrots love to hold a toy in their feet to chew on.  Foot Toys fill that need well.  And your small-to-medium sized parrot will enjoy destroying this colorful toy tire made from woven strips of palm leaf.  Let the fun begin

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Awesome foraging opportunity!
Written by Kristina on Aug 15th 2022

These tire foot toys are one of the most fantastic toys I've ever used with birds, especially birds who are having to learn how to forage and play by themselves much later in their lives. Just pop some safflower seeds or a treat of similar size and hardness in the cracks between and offer them to your feathered companion wherever you may offer foot toys for epic fun.

Wheels of fun
Written by Gary Poe on May 3rd 2021

My babies are loving these more than I thought they would, they pick them up and run around with them and throw them around its fun to watch them have fun.

Written by Isa on Mar 26th 2021

A perfect foot toy for my cockatiel. She loves tossing them around her cage. I've stuffed the small pockets with treats so she can learn to forage.

Tire foot toys
Written by Reese on Dec 31st 2020

My cockatiel absolutely loves these. He carries them around with him when he is out and throws them up in the air. He loves chewing on them as well. Perfect size foot toy for a cockatiel.

perfect present
Written by Sarah on Dec 19th 2020

my budgie loves it in her foraging box so I bought some as a present

Bought for cockatiel
Written by Krystal on Dec 7th 2020

I think u r supposed to cut the string that holds them together but I left mine bc Rocky was trying to take it from me while i was trying to unwrap all the toys we got for him. He was enjoys picking up and dropping and even throwing it a bit. If I cut the string I think he would have even more fun bc it will be smaller and easier to handle

love it
Written by Sarah Wenger Manny on Sep 16th 2020

great toys to play with when my birds are out of their cage

Written by Bre on Apr 29th 2020

my conure loves these

Worth it! Will buy again and again.
Written by Ashenz on Dec 12th 2019

My GCC loves these. This is the second batch I've purchased for him. These are a perfect size for him. This is probably the first toy he truly liked and got him interested in toys. I hid safflower seeds inside it. They got his attention right away and he absolutely shredded it for them. Now he loves to play with it even without the seeds. It really taught him how fun toys can be.

A little small
Written by Margaret Butters on Dec 8th 2019

These are a bit small for my cockatoo, but he loves them.

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