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Nature Cluster

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size: 8.00 W × 3.00 H × 3.00 L
Weight: 0.24 Ounces
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This hanging bird toy consists of husk, bamboo coconut shell, oyster shell, veggie-leather, cuttlebone threaded on sisal rope. This hanging parrot toy is the perfect choice for medium and large birds. 

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 8 x 3 x 3

Medium - 12 x 4.5 x 4.5

Large - 21  x 7 x 7


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My GreenWing Loves this.
Written by Larry on Sep 8th 2021

This is one of our favorites! The oyster shells are heaven for our Macaw!

My macaws love this!
Written by Janene Gothard on Jun 19th 2021

The nature cluster toy is a favorite of both of our macaws. The oyster shells are a favorite.

Nature Cluster
Written by Judith Simas on Apr 22nd 2021

My ringneck loves it. I will be getting another one for his play station.

We need more toys like this
Written by Rossi on Mar 6th 2021

This toy is fantastic! While the brightly colored toys are pretty, I prefer to give my birds natural toys. This one has so many different things to nibble on and it keeps my babies' intrest for a long time.

Nature cluster
Written by Huda on Jan 23rd 2021

This time I bought the medium size coz the large one was out of stuck. It was Too small toy for macaws.I bought the large size previously , it was excellent and my macaws loved it and it lasted for more than two weeks for them to destroy.amazing choice of materials.I will defenetly buy the large size when it's available again.

Small Nature Cluster
Written by Abigail on Dec 30th 2020

I got the small nature cluster for my 2 lovebirds. It’s a great size for them & I think it will take them a while to destroy it.

It didn't last long with a cockatoo, but he loved it. :]
Written by Phelan Velvel on Aug 24th 2020

Gave this to a Goffin's cockatoo I was fostering. He demolished it in a single day, but he really enjoyed it. I use the pieces for foraging boxes and such. It may last longer depending upon your bird and how destructive they are.

Nature Cluster bird toy
Written by Stephanie Davidson on Aug 21st 2020

This toy is my favorite one that I ordered out of all of them. I love how it was made and ordered the small which is a good size for my conure. So far not to much action as far as playing with it from my Conure but you never know things change.

Nature Cluster
Written by Marie Isabell on Aug 3rd 2020

I bought 5 toys and this is the one they have chosen to play with. They really haven't had time to discover the other great toys yet, but all are awesome!

Sturdy toy
Written by Dianne on Jul 24th 2020

Wow..this toy is very well made. I'm sure it will take a while for my conure and my meyer's parrot to destroy it. :)

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