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size: 10.00 W × 2.00 H × 2.00 L
Weight: 1.00 Ounces
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Your bird will love this multi-colored Melon made from all-natural palm leaf and abaca. This colorful hanging bird toy is both engaging and enriching. End birdy boredom today! 

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Written by Swontavia on Mar 15th 2023

My bird love this toy she always playing chewing and hanging upside down from it her favorite chew toy

Melon piñata
Written by Baldina-Beauregard Gina on Feb 22nd 2022

One of the Best piñata’s I’ve got for my Macaw. I’ve been seeing her chewing on palm leaves and I wasn’t sure which toy she was getting them from, then I saw her pull one out of the top of the piñata. She preens these for awhile. She picks her feathers, so I am so happy to see her pull a palm leaf out and occupy herself. I will be buying more for sure !!

Very entertaining
Written by anasay sieiro on Jan 28th 2021

Very good for shredding and foraging!

Written by Alesha & Blue on Nov 9th 2020

Great toy, very well made and has put up with a Quaker Parrot that loves chewing! Great toy for any size bird. 5 stars would recommend!

Another great toy!
Written by Victoria D. on Sep 21st 2020

It's a great foraging toy my cockatiel likes chewing on it and he even climbs on it to look for treats.

Great Toy!
Written by Olivia on Sep 2nd 2020

I bought this the large size for my Citron Crested Cockatoo and he went crazy for it! This toy lasts pretty long compared to others. Definitely recommend it!

The melon is one of the best!
Written by Phelan Velvel on Aug 24th 2020

All of my birds love this thing, from budgies to cockatoos. The great part is they can all shred it regardless of their beak size, and there is so much weaving and stuffing that it lasts longer than you would think. I buy this and the pineapple every order.

My birds love it!
Written by Phelan on Jul 8th 2019

This is an awesome toy. My budgies, cockatiels, conures, and galahs tear it apart. The budgies even chew on the large size, so I'll probably opt for the large toys from now on, since they last longer. :P

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