Mahogany Mini Toy

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size: 9.00 W × 4.00 H × 4.00 L
Weight: 0.08 Ounces

The Mahogany Mini offer hours of fun for birds who love soft-wood toys. Lots of chewing fun for your small pet parrot.  Unique pods similar to what your parrot might find in the wild.  Bring out your parrot’s “wild side” with this colorful and intriguing toy. End birdy boredom with this hanging bird toy!

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Mahogany Mini Toy
Written by Hannah on May 11th 2022

My budgie is obsessed with this one! She an spend hours chewing on the soft wood and she really loves the corn cobs. I've had it in Olivia's cage for about 2 weeks and it looks like she has had it for several months. Will definitely be buying again, as it seems to be one of her favorites.

Perfect for my Budgies
Written by Sam on Feb 24th 2022

This toy is perfect for my budgies. They really love soft wood to chew on, so this was a great purchase. The only thing to keep in mind is if you have more than one budgie like me, because they might fight over the toy

Awesome toy!
Written by Jordan on Jun 2nd 2021

My green cheek conure loves this toy! I look specifically for mahogany wood toys because they’re her favorite. It’s a bit small but perfect size for a small conure or budgie.

Worth it!
Written by Isa on Apr 13th 2021

It's kind of small but it is worth it. My cockatiel loves it, will spend hours chewing away at the wood and leaving a messy pile of wood crumbs.

Written by Roxxie on Mar 16th 2021

Kiwi loves his new toys!!!

Wonderful toy for parrots
Written by Michele on Feb 26th 2021

Yet another great toy for my African Greys. They love the corn cobs and the pods and the ropes on this toy.

perfect present
Written by Sarah on Dec 19th 2020

my budgie loves this so I bought another one for a friend

Written by Kristina Humphries on Oct 19th 2020

Great for any bird my budgies love it

Perfect for all birds
Written by Anna on Jul 4th 2020

My two budgies loved this toy, and it wasn’t too tough for them to chew up with their small beaks. It’s their new favorite toy and we will be buying it again!

Love it !!!
Written by Daysy on Jun 18th 2020

My budgie really enjoyed this toy and quickly destroyed it. I barely got the toy 2 or 3 hours ago and it’s already been destroyed, so keep that in mind. But overall, Great toy!

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