Jellyfish Mini

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SKU: 03487
size: 3.00 W × 5.00 H × 3.00 L
Weight: 1.00 Ounces

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Great for small parrots
Written by Jennifer on Oct 24th 2022

My barraband really got a kick out of chewing off all the rings and demolishing them into tiny pieces. Even when he chewed one of the upper rings and dropped the lower two/three to the floor of the cage, he then had tons of fun carrying those around and chewing them to shreds. He was starting to work on the top part of it when it was time to pull it out of rotation. Would love if there was a slightly larger version that'd take him a little bit longer to destroy -- birds with beaks larger than the smaller conures' would probably make short work of this.

Perfect for budgies
Written by Mary on Aug 30th 2022

I thought this would be too small however it's a perfect size for my budgies. They are totally enjoying it.

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