Crunchy Munchy

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size: 8.00 W × 6.50 H × 4.00 L
Weight: 3.00 Ounces

What parrot doesn't love to destroy things? The Crunchy Munchy fills that need with  unique and crunchy pods that your parrot will love to chew and play with.

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Written by Jocelyn on Sep 15th 2020

I love how safe it is and that I do not have to worry about my sun conure getting hurt. Amazing toy! She loves it.

A HUGE hit!
Written by Sharon on Jul 31st 2020

I have two cockatiels. Both LOVE this toy. It took them a bit too destroy it, but they worked on it and worked on it until it was all gone. There aren't many toys that keep them occupied, so when I saw them really enjoying this one, I immediately ordered another one.

We love the crunchy munchy!
Written by Rufus Byrd on Jul 20th 2020

Undeniably one of the best chew toys I have ever sunk my beak into. I love shredding the little pod things and feeling mighty as they are crushed by the strength of my beak. I can also go down and rip up any surviving pieces that have fallen off the hanging toy. I highly recommend this for all of my other mid-sized parrot friends out there, and especially Indian Ringnecks.

Written by Darlene Babin on May 26th 2020

Messy but worth the fun. My cockatoo loves it!

My birds favorite!
Written by Lori on Apr 30th 2020

This is my Grey's favorite toy to destroy lol. She will completely annihilate it within 8 hours. It doesn't last long with her, but her eyes light up when she sees it. It seems to be the perfect texture for her young, 10 month old beak. I'd give her one every day if I could!

LOVE at first sight
Written by Araceli Grande on Apr 28th 2020

My cockatiel & sun conure LOVE this toy. It was the first toy they were drawn to. They're enjoying every chew. Will be purchasing more.

Senegals &Red Bellied love it!
Written by melissa on Nov 26th 2019

A big favorite of my poicephalus flock - particularly my red bellied, he is nuts for this! Sometimes he quickly snips off the pods and then enjoys them from the floor, other times he savors them and chews the pods up while attached. It's a great toy - destructible but enough of a challenge to hold their interest. Well made and safe - I keep them on hand!

Best ever!
Written by Laura A on Nov 25th 2019

Best toys I've found for my bird! Highly recommended!!

Huge hit with my Senegals and Red Bellied and Meyer’s
Written by Melissa on Nov 6th 2019

They just love it- it lasts anywhere from a week or more to a day (my red bellied loves to dismantle it, then spend a week destroying the pods as a foot toy). One of the most satisfying toys I have given them.

Written by T on Sep 16th 2019

My macaw loved this toy! It didn't last very long but she had a blast destroying it!

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