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size: 8.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L
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Beautifully woven from natural palm leaf, this shreddable bird toy fits nicely on the cage bars. For many small to medium sized parrots, this is one of their favorites!

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 8 x 1 x 1

Medium - 14 x 1 x 1

Large - 18 x 2 x 2


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Immediately my bird's favorite
Written by Kevyn Saquilabon on Jul 30th 2020

He has been playing with it for a week now and still going strong. High quality!

review of caterpillar
Written by Teresa Mancini on Jul 27th 2020

I cannot tell you how much my parrot loves this toy! He removes one piece at a time (chews it up) until it's just the rope! He has a lot of toys in his cage but he goes for the caterpillar first! This is why I order 10 each time. Planet Pleasure always has them in stock & they ship right away; which is why I like to do business with them

Written by Teresa Mancini on Aug 5th 2019

I bought this toy for my Eclectus parrot at Petco. He LOVED it!! He chewed it up over night! There was only one; so I came back & got the name of the vendor (Planet Pleasures). I found them online & sent them an order for 5 medium & 1 large. (the original one I bought was a small) The order arrived complete in just a few days! I'm waiting for their catalog to place my next order!

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