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Beautifully woven from natural palm leaf, this shreddable bird toy fits nicely on the cage bars. For many small to medium sized parrots, this is one of their favorites!

Size Chart: (Product Dimensions in inches)

Small - 8 x 1 x 1

Medium - 14 x 1 x 1

Large - 18 x 2 x 2



(28 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Budgies love

    Posted by Angelica Herrera on Jan 29th 2024

    My budgies get straight to work every time I buy the caterpillars, they love to rip it apart.

  • 5
    I need these by the dozen!

    Posted by Lori Schneider on Oct 11th 2023

    My YSGC conure ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ these. I attack them lengthwise to her “tabletop tree” and the inside bars of her cage and I hide special treats in them. They are also her post-bath “towels” ?

  • 5
    My cockatiel is obsessed

    Posted by JXO on Aug 4th 2023

    I got him the medium size and he loves it. I looped it through itself to make a wreath and he likes that too, and foraging for treats I stuff inside of it

  • 5
    Caterpillar toy for parakeets

    Posted by Roseanne Slater on Jul 18th 2023

    My 2 parakeets absolutely love these. I poke some millet bits into some of the sections and they love chewing up the toy to dig out the millet.

  • 5
    Caterpillar toy.

    Posted by Joseph Mehler on Aug 29th 2022

    My Amazon loves it. (Almost as much as the pineapple toy) As soon as I hung it up she went after it and was obviously enjoying it.

  • 5
    best toys and best price!!

    Posted by kaili on Jun 5th 2022

    We wanted to try buying directly from the source rather than through amazon, and will definitely be buying again here because the prices plus shipping (or rather, lack of) was amazing. We bought a few of them to start off with for our five cockatiels and while a couple of them are still hesitant about the “scary new toys,” the others are obsessed. Namely one of our girls, who loves the tags the most. We ended up saving those since they’re made out of a safe material and making our own diy out of it. That’s her favorite out of all the others.

  • 5
    Caterpillar review

    Posted by Barb on Oct 1st 2021

    My cockatiel is loving this toy He’s enjoying shredding it and he doesn’t like many toys. I will be ordering again.

  • 4

    Posted by Alyssa on Aug 7th 2021

    Good toy, i shouldve gotten a large, i got a small thinking itd be a lot bigger but thats on me overall good quality

  • 5

    Posted by Helen on Jul 29th 2021

    I love watching my parakeets Kazoo and Pickles playing with this toy. They love it too. I bought another one for later.