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The Importance of Bird Toys

Posted by Planet Pleasures on Nov 7th 2019

The Importance of Bird Toys

You love birds and so do we. Your love of birds probably brought to our website in the first place!

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of bird toys and how they can positively affect your bird's mood/behavior and their overall health and well-being.

First, let's start with a quick introduction. We're Planet Pleasures and since the mid-1990s we've been manufacturing and selling unique all-natural bird toys. Since then, hundreds of thousands of birds around the globe have foraged, chewed, shredded and destroyed our colorful and enticing toys. We've also received multiple awards for quality and innovation.

Let's dive beak first into how our all-natural and eco-friendly parrot toys are beneficial to your bird's mood.

Birds are very curious and active creatures who spend a big part of their day foraging for food. As your bird is a pet, and no longer in the wild, it’s activity and native curiosity are diminished.This reduction in their participation in natural avian activities has led to more and more birds developing behavioral issues such as aggression, feather plucking, biting, screaming and destructive behavior.

To counter these mood/behavioral problems, we have specifically designed our toys to give your bird an outlet to forage, chew, shred and destroy. We have a wide variety of Foraging Toys which provides birds with the chance to forage for food just like they would in nature. We recommend putting small pieces of millet or other treats in the creases and folds of our foraging toys. Our line of Shredders also helps birds who like to shred and tear things apart. Say "no more!" to destroyed shoes or blouses! We also have Foot Toys and other fun toy categories that will bring out your parrot's instinctive curiosity.

We've had many cases where parrot owners, just like yourself, have bought our bird toys and their parrot's behavioral issues have greatly reduced or completely vanished.

Even if your bird does not show any signs of behavioral issues, our natural toys will supply them with ample opportunity to not develop any in the future.

Next, let's get into how our eco-friendly bird toys help keep your feathered friend healthy.

It's no mystery that when birds become inactive this can lead to health issues. Luckily, we've designed a lot of our toys with the goal to keep their beaks and feet happy, healthy and active. Our line of natural Foot Toys contributes to overall foot health and our ShreddersPinatas, and Foragers supplies them with outlets to improve beak health.

We've conveniently arranged our catalog of over 120+ bird toys into different easy to navigate categories.

Simply click the category you'd like to visit and it will take you the category's page where you browse our colorful and engaging bird toys:

  1. Foraging Bird Toys
  2. Shredders
  3. Foot Toys
  4. Pinatas (Great chew toys)
  5. Bamboozlers (All-Natural Bamboo based toys)
  6. Kokokrunchers (Coconut based bird toys for medium to larger birds)

We hope you got some value out of this blog post and stay tuned for more helpful bird toy related posts in the future. Since you made it this far... psst... use promotional code: Planet15 at checkout for 15% off your entire online order. 

This blog post was published on 11/7/2019 and the promotional code will not expire for the foreseeable future.

Happy shopping everybirdy!


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