Bird Brush Mini

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size: 5.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L
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This bird toy is a perfect addition to any small parrot's cage. The colorful abacca fibers are excellent for stimulating your birds natural preening behavior. Great for parrots that are prone to feather picking.

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Mini brush
Written by Judy on Nov 10th 2021

We have a cockatiel that loves this toy. We always try to have a supply on hand for him since it's his favorite.

a staple for us
Written by jenifer d on Nov 2nd 2021

our little conure loves to both preen, scratch his head and then chew the top portion, we have gone through about 4 of these already and I don't think this is a toy or item we will be able to live without, thank you!

Bird Brush Mini
Written by Aparna on Oct 10th 2021

Small and colorful!

The first toy my bird has taken a liking to!
Written by Katarina on Sep 16th 2021

My green cheek conure is a scaredy cat and is afraid of pretty much everything (except for the things I don’t want him to chew LOL). He took to this mini brush almost instantly and has even started to shred it up. It just goes to show you that natural toys really do play towards their natural instinct.

mini brushes
Written by Judy on Mar 25th 2021

Our cockatiel absolutely loves these brushes. He uses them to chew on, and he uses them to preen. I don't know what we would do if he didn't have these toys. Thank you

Fantastic toy
Written by Rossi on Mar 6th 2021

My green cheek conures are obsessed with this bell brush. They hang from it and shred it with great enthusiasm. Planet Pleasurea makes well built, attractive, and safe toys.

Birdie brush mini
Written by Sandy on Dec 14th 2020

My Timneh African Grey, Millie, just loves this toy. Thank you Planet Pleasures for making so many toys that my birds absolutely love!

mini brush
Written by Nikki Azadi on Sep 21st 2020

My baby green cheek conure ( 5 weeks ) is absolutely obsessed with this brush!!!!!! Definitely will order more =)

birds love it
Written by Sarah Wenger Manny on Sep 16th 2020

perfect size for my budgie

bird toy
Written by Brenda Main on Sep 1st 2020

I buy these for my bourke parakeet. She loves them.

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